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Free classic video poker game for one player without registration: Mikey's Poker

Mikey's Poker is a free classic online video poker game for one player. You do not need to download special software and there is no registration required. You play for credits, no real money. Before you click the "NEW DEAL" button you can double the BET up to 160ct. Another press on DOUBLE will reset the bet to 5ct, which is also the initial (and lowest possible) BET. If your credit is lower than 5ct the game is over. Press NEW DEAL and five closed cards will appear on the table. They turn automatically. You can now press the HOLD buttons to select the cards that you do not want to swap. Press SWAP / COLLECT to SWAP. Press all HOLD buttons first to COLLECT your price. After the cards are swapped and the last one is turned the price is determined. Look below for the overview of prices in this free online poker game.

safe free gambling games

Which combinations and prices are recognized in the classic Poker game?

While playing the following combinations give rigth to credits (wins):

  • ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH: 1.000 credits. Combination of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the same suit (example: all clubs).
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH: 250 credits. An ascending combination in the same suite (example: 3-4-5-6-7).
  • FOUR OF A KIND: 125 credits. Four similar cards (example: 7-7-7-7-A).
  • FULL HOUSE: 50 credits. A combination of three and two equal cards (example: 8-8-J-J-J).
  • STRAIGHT: 30 credits. An ascending combination oif different suites (example: 9-10-J-Q-K).
  • FLUSH: 20 credits. All cards are from the same suit (example: all hearts).
  • THREE OF A KIND: 10 credits. Three similar cards (example: 2-3-9-9-9).
  • TWO PAIRS: 5 credits. Two times two similar cards (example: 4-6-6-Q-Q).
  • ONE PAIR: 2 credits. One times two similar cards (example: 2-4-8-A-A).
  • JACK OR HIGHER: 1 credit. At least one card is Jack or higher (example: 2-5-7-9-A).

In case you increase your BET above 5ct your win will be multiplied with the same factor. So when your BET is 160ct a ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH will deliver you 32.000 credits!


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safe free gambling games
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Free classic video poker game for one player without registration: Mikey's Poker

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