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Free online slot game Casino Las Vegas style slot machine with two levels

This great free casino slot "the Golddigger " is a professional fruitmachine with two playing levels. With the game on the below left side of the slot you win by any two (left) or three combination of fruits. If you want to go up you need to toss a coin and win it. In case you put the right bet your win is doubled and credited to the second game on the upper right. In this game you really need three equal objects on the winline to earn playing money. In case the starfield is all ligted you will be granted a nice bonus! This free machine is developed to offer you an easy access to the world of mulit-level slots without any registration or downloads. And you can play it endlessly. So click on the image below. Press the "Start Game" button and enjoy the ride!

safe free gambling games

How to operate "Golddigger"?

This gamling device is easy to use. Start with just one click on the image and then press the "Start Game" button. Then click on the red "Spin" button on the right and the left rolls will start spinning. In case two (on the left side) or three similar icons appear on the center win-line you earn money. In this case you have two choices: Take the money (which you do by pressing the "Take Win" button, or toss a coin by pressing the "Head" or "Tail" button. If you do that you will zero or double your earned credits. In case of zero you can continue the left game. In case of double, this money will be transfered to the second game (upper rigth). In this game you can consider your bet. It will automatically choose the lowest bet, which is 1 dollar. Other bets are 2$ or 4$. Your bet will multiply your wins by 2 or 4.

Press "Spin" to run this game. It will only payout in case of three equal icons on the winline! There is a small bonus of 10$ in case all starsare lighted up. When a star appears above, on or below the winline of game 2 the respective star lights up (only if there is no win as described above). In case all stars are lighted up, you will get the bonus. After any spin you can decide to collect the credits of game 2 and return to game 1 by pressing the "Game 1" button. In that case your game2 credits will be added to your game 1 credtis. And the stars will fade again...

At the moment you are out of money (credits) you can restart the game again! Enjoy...


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safe free gambling games
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Free online slot game Casino Las Vegas style slot machine with two levels: Golddigger

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